About Us

We are Keyblock, a Specialized Fund Administrator for Digital Assets

Keyblock is an independent crypto-focused fund administrator that offers efficient and secure fund administration services to various virtual asset funds. Our team comprises individuals with extensive knowledge of the digital asset ecosystem and traditional funds mechanism. With years of experience in digital asset trading, software engineering, compliance, and fund administration, we aspire to BUIDL the best practices for your Web3.0 funds.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that blockchain technologies will reshape the traditional world of alternative funds, and we are actively participating in every step of this evolution.

Keyblock's Experience & Features

Fund Strategies

VCs, Defi, Yield Farming, Market neutral, Mining, Index Funds, Fund of Crypto Funds

Fund portfolios

Project Tokens (SAFT/SAFT/Token warrant), Listed Tokens. Futures, Swaps, Options, OTC products, Defi Platforms (Liquidity pools, Lending/Borrowing, Derivatives, Margin Trading), NFTs, Crypto Funds (FoFs)

Fund Jurisdictions

Cayman Islands, BVI, Singapore, Hong Kong, U.S.

Counter Parties

We have setup APIs with the world's leading custodians, CEXs, and DEXs

AML Ecosystem

Comply with International AML/CFT Standards, Risk Rating System, Comprehensive Sanction Database, Efficient KYC Procedures

Connected With TradFis

Banks, Payment Solutions Providers, Custodians, Hedge Funds, Security Brokers, Trust Companies, Insurance Companies

Fund Structure

GP/LP, SPC, Standalone, Professional Fund, Private Fund, Incubator Fund, VCC, HKLPF, LLC

In-kind Subscription

Subscription by Fiat or Stable coins are supported

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