What is KB Connect?

KB Connect is a highly efficient encrypted web-based online portal enabling prospective investors to electronically enter into investor applications and submit “know-your-client” documents. All investor transactions can be monitored by fund directors through Director Portal on a real time basis with review, approval and decline functionalities.


Features of KB Connect

Data Security

Keyblock enables HTTPS protocol to securitize data transfer over internet. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). KB Connect database is encrypted by RSA cryptography technology for the security of client data that uses an algorithm to transform data stored in a database into "cipher text”. KB Connect database are backup on a daily basis to ensure data can be recovered in reasonable time.

Multi-type of Investors

KB Connect can be used for various investors, including individuals, entities, trust, limited partnerships, foundation, LLC and etc. Up to four joint investors can be supported which could be freely combined between individuals and/or entities with joint e-signatory option.

KB Connect is available in English and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

Fund Director Portal

Fund Directors will be informed by KB Connect through emails on a real-time basis when an application has been successfully submitted by the investor. All investor transaction details including transaction types, amount, date, investor name and etc can be reviewed and approved by the Fund Director via our encrypted web-based portal.

Compliance & Eligibility

KB Connect complies with the Electronic Transactions Law (2003 Revision) as amended (the “ETL”), the Data Protection Law, 2017 as amended (the “DPL”) and relevant legislation in applicable jurisdictions. Keyblock also complies with the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 as amended (“GDPR”).

Investor Portal

Investors will be informed by KB Connect through emails on a real-time basis upon approval of their applications. Email notifications will also be sent when there are additional comments to be followed up from the first review of the application. Investors can easily manage their applications via the encrypted web-based portal and submit further applications e.g. additional subscriptions or subscribe new class of shares issued by the fund. All personal transaction records and the completed e-copy application form are available for download from the portal for recording keeping purposes by the investor.


KB Connect will detect the applicable options according to users’ inputs and reminds users on any outstanding and/or applicable items along with an auto email reminder on each step to eliminate back-and-forth communications between applicants, fund director and fund administrator. KB Connect is available 24/7 and allows applicants to complete and submit their applications electronically through desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet anywhere and anytime. First time users can expect to finish an application within 10 minutes.

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